Comma Seperated


PD-CSV Converter  v.2.4

PD-CSV Converter lets you convert information between Palm Desktop and CSV ( comma seperated value ) files.

Csv2dg  v.2.0.

C2D (csv2dg) - CSV to Datagrid: Create, Edit, Import and Display CSV ( Comma Seperated Values) files in an easy to use Data Grid with the ability to print, launch Excel or even launch a custom application.


Put Email Addresses Into One Comma-Delimited Line Software

Append email addresses on multiple lines to create one comma-separated line.


dsn2csv continues the BitDaddys.COM tradition by offering the programmer a tool that allows for fast, flexible and simple access to the local host computer's ODBC table information. Please click on the above link to find out more! With dsn2csv you can

Commandline Export Tool

A Batchsoftware original solution that offers the programmer a simple, fast and effective method to collect table column information from the local ODBC driver. With the Commandline Export Tool you can export the local host ODBC table list to many

Visual Database Creator  v.3.4.1

Visual Database Creator is a simple to use but strong database application. You can create spreadsheets, collectibles databases, work orders or whatever your imagination desires! It is freeware. The following features are included in VDC.

Chart  v.1.0

Create charts with just a few clicks. Chart is a new applet, a charting software for creating simple charts of data.

BOFC  v.

BOFC is a simple partial file viewer, meant for quick checking of data files. It is a simple partial file viewer, meant for quick checking of data files. BOFC Features: 1. You can view the first or last x number of lines or % of a file. 2. Load a

Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer  v.0.3.0

DGV Allows Data Visualisation via Images, Surfaces and Volume plots using OpenGL. Uses the Blitz++, VTK Visualisation and Open Source Qt Libraries. Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer is a small scientific visualization tool. It uses OpenGL to display line,

Test SMTP  v.1.0.0

Test SMTP is a command line tool which can be used to diagnose faults with SMTP servers. This self contained tool, which should not require installation on either Windows or Linux platforms,

Tiny Translator  v.0.6

Tiny Translator is a very simple class for easily organizing dialogue outputs and creating language tables for multilingual projects.

Create comma separated list or comma delimited or any delimited file

Do you have a list of files that you need separated into a comma separated list, say to be imported into a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel? Or, do you just need to group a bunch of files together into one easy to use list? If so, then this software is

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